What We Do?

Recent Injuries

With the help of our Hillcrest physical therapist, Hillcrest rehabilitation specialist, and techniques like Spinal decompression therapy, we help clients recover and heal from injuries.

Did you “tweak” or hurt a body part during an activity, because of an activity, or in your day-to-day tasks? Have you recently had surgery that you need high-quality rehabilitation for? Are you not sure of what is going on, or are you concerned about this injury or your course of recovery? Contact us today for peace of mind and optimal recovery.


Chronic Injuries Or Pain

If you’re in search of a knee pain clinic, chiropractic care for shoulder pain or to begin your physical therapy daily routine, Vital Fortitude is the place for you!

Have you had pain or an injury that keeps coming back in the same area? Are you concerned about the fact that it has not healed? Are you afraid you may have to deal with this over a long period of time? Contact us for help.


Performance Training

From Professional PT services in San Diego to the best knee pain therapists and Coronado orthopedic physical therapy, Vital Fortitude is here to provide you with the finest services!

Whether you have successfully completed a rehab program with us or are a new client looking to improve your performance in your sport or a certain aspect of your life, we are here to help and guide you.