We guide driven and motivated people to find their fortitude through physical injuries and pain, to recover and perform at their best

About Vital Fortitude Rehab

We are honored to be recognized as one of the best physical therapy clinics in San Diego.

Why do we do what we do?

Our healthcare system functions more as a sick-care system--where symptoms are treated, but not always the underlying cause. This leaves us dependent on endless drugs, injections and surgeries (all of which can be life-saving and necessary in certain cases).

At Vital Fortitude, we vehemently espouse the notion that we are stronger as a community and as a nation when we have agency and control over our health.

We will stop at nothing to help as many people as we can to experience the life-changing effects of holistic treatments that give the individual an understanding of their body, and the tools to affect how it functions and feels. 

At Vital Fortitude Rehab And Performance, we understand that physical pain and limitations can hinder your ability to lead a fulfilling life. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of physical therapy services to help you recover and regain your strength. Our skilled therapists use hands-on techniques and the latest evidence-based practices to guide you toward optimal health.

Dr. C. Evan Johnson

Dr. Evan works at Vital Fortitude which is one of the best accredited physical therapy clinics in San Diego.

Christopher Evan Johnson, PT, DPT is a physical therapist who obtained both his B.S. and Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees from Long Beach State University.

After working in traditional physical therapy clinics for two years, Dr. Evan Johnson became disenchanted with the restrictions facing healthcare today, including long wait times to see patients and pressure to see as many people as possible throughout the day without an emphasis on helping them solve the actual problem.

His life purpose is to guide others to understand the factors that coincide with pain or injury, and overcome them holistically.

"When a condition or injury is understood at an experiential level, we are empowered to overcome it with our own agency; giving us greater freedom in life."